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CMO Team

The CMO Board have contracted Ashford Borough Council to provide staffing for the organisation for their first year or so of operations, until there is sufficient income for them to be able to employ staff directly.

The CMO Team are responsible for:

  • Supporting and leading community development activity and delivery
  • Leading on communications, including the website
  • Oversight of the relationship with the estate management company
  • Running and operating the first premises
  • Administrating and supporting the CMO Board of Trustee Directors

The CMO Team are:

SallyAnne Logan, CEO

SallyAnne has been part of the evolution of the CMO through the Planning process and now into delivery. She has played a key role in the development of the first business plan for the CMO, managing the transition from Board precursor to ‘go live’, working alongside strategic partners including developers, and has successfully brought the CMO to fruition. SallyAnne co-wrote the first community development strategy and supported the creation of the Creative Chilmington Strategy. She will lead the team who will operate the CMO for the first year. Previously, SallyAnne has worked in the voluntary and commercial sector in community facing roles and until four years ago, was Cultural and Youth Projects Leader for the council for many years.  Her background in partnership working, community consultation, community development, play and young people has meant she has been involved in many local projects including Repton Connect and The Waterside Youth and Children’s Centre.  SallyAnne has a degree in Leisure and Health Science and a post graduate diploma in management.  She grew up locally and lives in Pluckley with her husband and two children.  SallyAnne also leads the team who coordinate the delivery of the South of Ashford Garden Community for the council and its partners.

SallyAnne says ‘I am so proud to be part of the team who has brought the CMO to fruition and to be able to play an active role in its set up and early operational activities.  The CMO provides an opportunity to ensure the community at Chilmington has a very special place to live, which is well managed and maintained and which has the ability to respond to its residents needs through a programme of activities, events and clubs as well as community spaces to meet and socialise.  We are very much looking forward to working with residents and welcoming them to the CMO building.  The CMO is key to helping to create an active, vibrant and sustainable garden community where residents want to spend time’.


Katy Parr, Project Officer

Katy has worked as part of the Chilmington project team for two years, helping to formulate the operational policies and the delivery of the CMO’s temporary premises. Katy’s background is in HR, and she will now bring her experience to help deliver a community activity programme for the Chilmington residents and manage the ongoing relationship between the Estate Managers, RMG and the CMO. Born and bred in Ashford, she is passionate about seeing new developments within the area become a fabulous place to live, work and play, whilst ensuring their sustainability into the future.


Dan Daley, Project Officer

Dan brings a unique professional background to the CMO team as a project manager and creative designer. He started out as a theatre maker in his native Canada adopting various roles in the writing, producing and fundraising for new plays and artistic programmes before taking on the artistic directorship of a youth-led theatre festival. He immigrated to the UK with his partner to shift careers and earned himself a post-graduate degree in participatory urban design. He has since worked across England as a community planner on large-scale urban development advocating for genuinely affordable housing and opportunities for local people to take leadership in the changes facing their communities.

Annual General Meeting

The first CMO Annual General Meeting will be held online on Wednesday 17 March 2021.
See details at