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What We Do

Chilmington, a great place to live and a thriving community for all.

To help achieve this, the Chilmington Management Organisation (CMO) has been set up, with all households given the opportunity to get involved. Think of the CMO as custodians of your local community, doing all the duties of a management company and so much more. The CMO will look after all public open spaces within areas it adopts such as landscaping and community buildings, as well as having a remit to commission and implement community projects.

Community events, activities, groups, forums and facilities will support the CMO in creating a community where people feel safe, enjoy living and belong; a place that people visit for leisure or work.

The CMO will be an organic, entrepreneurial organisation (a not for profit charitable company) set up purely for the benefit of Chilmington, with the capacity to respond to needs and opportunities, either in partnership with public and voluntary agencies, or on its own initiative.

It is run by a Board of Trustee Directors and will be managed day-to-day by a full time CMO Team, including Residential Management Group (members of The Association of Residential Managing Agents).

The CMO will operate from the First Community Premises (a 2,000sq.ft building located at Chilmington) and will eventually be located in a new state-of-the-art 47,000 sq. ft modern office building, located in the district centre of Chilmington. You can be safe in the knowledge that the CMO will be run professionally and openly to service Chilmington.

Functions of the CMO

• Own, maintain and manage all public open spaces, buildings and facilities.

• Initiate, coordinate and deliver community development and cultural activities to create and maintain a thriving community.

• Manage commercial estate to drive income to the CMO and energise the local economy.

• Promote and support environmental and community sustainability.

• Managed and operated by industry professionals located in a building on the development.



The next CMO Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2022.
Full information available on the event page