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Parish Councillors

Parish Councillor Ian McClintock

I have been a Parish Councillor since 1999, but the Parish Council is a totally different body than we were then, with many great projects and successes since then.  I have been Chair of the Parish Council for much of the time since 2003, with just a small gap in 2011/12.

I was born in Great Chart and apart from approx 6 years have lived here all my life and am Dad to two young adults both in their upper teens, having a boy and a girl late in life certainly can concentrate the mind and they can keep you young in mind, if not in body.

I am one of 11 Parish Councillors, all of whom are from different walks of life with a huge diverse amount of experience in many fields and this is what makes us such a great team.  The Parish Council has a staff of four, headed up by our brilliant Clerk, Aniko who is supported by an Assistant Paula and two Parish Stewards who take care of making sure our parish is looking its best – to find out more about your Parish Council the link to our web site is at the bottom of this page.

Since the election in 2019, I am the representative for Chilmington as the Boundary Commission adjusted things slightly getting ready for when Chilmington can have a Parish Council of their own, but for at least the next 8 to 10 years it will remain part of Great Chart with Singleton, which is the 3rd largest Parish Council in the Borough.

I have been attending Chilmington Green meetings since about 2004, not long after Ashford was designated a growth area,  – much of these were consultation events held by ABC and it is good to see much of the discussions from these put into practise, I am sure the development  will grow into a great place to live.  I also attend the CMO Board meetings as an observer on behalf of the Parish Council.

When the first CMO premises is opened there will be a large green Parish Council noticeboard on the outside and this will have Parish Council notices in it and an area for other notices, we also produce a quarterly newsletter – which gets delivered to every dwelling in the parish, including Chilmington Green, a link to the first one in 2021 is also at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to contact me via email

Ian McClintock

Chair – Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council


Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council website

Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council Newsletter Issue 1 2021




The next CMO Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2022.
Full information available on the event page