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If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us directly with your query by completing the form on the right of this page.

How do I sign up for a newsletter?

You can either sign up here or follow the link at the bottom of each page of this website.

How do I have a say in how the CMO manages its responsibilities?

By signing the membership form, one person in your household then has the right to vote at the AGM.  This is the formal way that residents can have a say about the CMO’s budget and business plan. However, the CMO Team and RMG are available on a weekly basis to listen to any ideas and comments you have and we intend to hold regular director-resident surgeries.  Please email with any comments or suggestions in the first instance, 

Who are the CMO Directors?

Please click here to be redirected to information on the CMO’s Directors 

How can I speak to a CMO Director?

Please email to make contact 

How were the company directors appointed and on what basis were they chosen?

The appointment of Directors is as set out in the S.106 and in The Articles.   

Each Developer signed to the S.106 had the right to nominate a CMO Director, up to a maximum of five CMO Directors.  As there are only four developers currently party to the S.106 this enabled Hodson Developments, as the lead developer to nominate two CMO Directors.  Once a developer has completed their build on site, they will lose the right to have a nominated CMO Director on the board. 

Both the borough council (Ashford Borough Council) and county council (Kent County Council) had the right to nominate one CMO Director each.  KCC decided to pass over their nomination for the first two years to ABC, resulting in ABC nominating two CMO Directors. 

The S.106 also allows for a CMO Director to be nominated to represent the Voluntary Sector.  The seven CMO Directors detailed above were asked for their nominations, resulting in the selection of an individual who has a wealth of experience in Housing Associations and community involvement (as a Parish Councillor). 

Once a Social Housing Provider is on site, they will get to nominate one Director. 

The first CMO Resident Director will be appointed by the Board (around 100 occupations) following a thorough selection process which is yet to be finalised.  Upon joining the CMO Board, each CMO Director completed a Skills Matrix and it is envisaged that CMO Resident Director appointment would look to fill any skills gaps within the CMO Board and/or bring a set of skills which would add value to the Board.  Each main phase will see one Resident Director join the CMO Board.  The second to fifth Resident Directors will be appointed by the CMO Members at an AGM. 

When will the CMO building open?

Covid-19 has had a direct impact on the CMO and at the moment the board has decided not to take over the CMO building until we can be sure we can operate it safely to safeguard residents and the CMO staff as well as provide access to residents in a meaningful way.  The Board is constantly reviewing this position. 

How do I start a community group?

If you are looking to do this within Chilmington Green, then the CMO would love to help where it can.  Please email in the first instance and speak to one of the team 

Who Are RMG?

RMG are the managing agent appointed by the CMO Board to administer the day to day running of the company, arrange for the maintenance of the managed areas and community buildings.  Other responsibilities include collection of any charges due to the CMO, appointing and organising payments to contractors etc. 

How do I contact RMG?

Details of how to contact RMG via email, phone or online chat are in the RMG Welcome Handbook or can be found on this website via

What happens if I don’t settle my Rent Charge account or withhold payments?

You are obligated through the purchase of your property to pay the charges on an annual basis.  You have a choice to pay this in one lump sum in April or two payments; April and September. If you are struggling to make your payments due to personal circumstances, please contact RMG.  Ultimately, if a rent charge remains unpaid, the CMO can put a legal charge on your property. 

How do I report a repair for CMO owned land or facilities?

Please contact RMG’s Customer Services Team via online chat on the portal or via email & phone.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle on CMO land?

Please contact RMG with full details of the vehicle.  Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible including: Registrations Number, Make, Model, Colour and Location of the Vehicle.

How do I report problems of noise/nuisance?

Please contact RMG in the first instance.  Should problems persist, contact Ashford Borough Council’s Environmental Health Officer.  

When selling my property, what information do I need to provide to the purchaser?

RMG is be able to provide you with a Sellers Pack.  You should give this to your conveyancing solicitor who will then include the necessary information and documentation in your property’s sales pack.  You can of course also talk to potential purchasers about the CMO when they view your property and direct them to the CMO website. 

How do I make a formal complaint about the service I receive?

If your complaint relates to the service provided by RMG i.e. how the estate is being managed or billing service please contact RMG who will register your complaint. 

If your complaint relates to a service provided by the CMO i.e. Community Activity or to a member of the CMO Team or CMO Board, please email to have your complaint dealt with by the CMO. 

How do I view or make a comment on planning applications for Chilmington Green?

You can find information regarding planning applications and make comments via Ashford Borough Council’s Planning Portal. 


The next CMO Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2022.
Full information available on the event page