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Services to Residents

The “Services” are described as: “Where adopted by the CMO, it will deliver the maintenance, renewal and replacement” of the following:

• Soft landscaping
• Bins for litter including emptying bins
• Footpaths
• Cycleways
• Railings and fences
• Public art
• Site interpretation and information boards
• Trees and tree grills
• The fabric of all buildings transferred to the Trust
• Seating
• Vehicular parking spaces
• Litter picking
• Street lighting
• Informal natural green space
• Discovery Park outdoor sports pitches
and related premises



• Children and young people’s play spaces
• Allotments
• Land comprising ecological mitigation
• Land comprising woodland
• Land comprising the advance planting belts
• Sports facilities
• Reasonable apportionment of staff and other management overheads
• Purchase, lease, replacement and maintenance
of equipment and any associated management
of buildings
• Unadopted highways on CMO land
• Security measures
• Enforcement

RMG will manage and maintain community facilities and open space on behalf of the CMO.  Residents can use the Chilmington Green Living online portal to contact RMG.  Alternatively please visit RMG’s website if you do not have log in details for the online portal.


The next CMO Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th July 2022.
Full information available on the event page