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Annual General Meeting 19 / 20 on 17 March 2021

Thank you to all who attended the first AGM held on the 17 March 2021.  For those who were unable to attend, please find below the information discussed:

Important Documents

Official Invitation with Proxy Voter Form on 2nd Page

Directors Report with Accounts for 19/20

Chairman’s Report

CMO Membership Application Form

Declaration of Votes at the AGM of 17 March 2021

Recommendation to Approve of Company Accounts – Unanimously Approved

Recommendation to Approve Appointment of MFW as Independent Examiners – Unanimously Approved

Recommendation to Approve of Change to Articles – Unanimously Approved

Question & Answer Session

There were some common questions raised at the meeting.  We have tried to capture them below, but if you query remains unanswered please contact us at

Q: Who is responsible for rectifying broken or unfinished elements of the estate, such as drains/pathways/planting?

A: The CMO have not currently adopted any areas of the estate.  Please refer to your developer to report any issues.

Q: When are the CMO going to adopt areas for maintenance?

A:  Developers will hand over areas for adoption to the CMO once building in that area has been completed.  The CMO, with RMG will follow a strict and robust adoption process to ensure that any areas being adopted by the CMO are of a high standard and in a good state of repair at the point of transfer.

Q:  Do residents have a say in how the income from rentcharge payments is spent?

A:  Income from rentcharge payments can only be used for the purposes for which it was collected.  It will therefore be spent on the maintenance/repair/renewal of areas adopted by the CMO.  Facilities and areas of land for transfer to the CMO were identified in the planning documentation in advance of both outline planning and detailed planning consent being granted.

We encourage residents to engage with us to tell us what is of importance to them to have provided within Chilmington Green, this way residents views can be considered when future planning applications are submitted to Ashford Borough Council, which the CMO Board comment on.

CMO Membership

In order to be able to vote at future AGMs, you need to be a member of the CMO. A Member is defined as an occupier of a household who has signed and returned the CMO membership form. A link to the CMO Membership form can be found here.

Annual General Meeting

The first CMO Annual General Meeting will be held online on Wednesday 17 March 2021.
See details at